Monday, February 9, 2015

'dry-look' or a high-gloss 'wet-look'

I've perused thru your website, and at least now feel somewhat qualified to ask the right questions regarding sealing my new patio.  I live in Texas and just had an Arizona Buff sandstone patio installed.  To me, the question of whether or not to seal is not the issue.  What I'm concerned about is whether or not going with a wet-look sealer is appropriate.  I personally like the wet-look, since it brings out the various reds & tans embedded in the stone. 
I have been told that my two choices for sealers are a 'dry-look' or a high-gloss 'wet-look'.  One supplier advised me that going with a wet-look seal will cause the surface to be too slippery when it's wet, and a dry sealer would be safer.  (wouldn't a sealed patio be slippery if it was wet anyway?)  In addition the product he was selling (Prime-A Pell 200), would only last a year on sandstone, since it's a relatively soft rock.  Is there a wet-look / color enhancer product out there for sandstone that will last a reasonable amount of time...and won't become a hazard if it gets wet?

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