Monday, February 9, 2015

sealing sandstone

I help maintain a resort/spa that has a lovely hot springs facility on the
ocean. The floors are all sandstone - exposed daily to rain, showers, hot
springs water and anything else that hundreds of people every day bring.
It is not sealed and is in good shape, however the bathrooms are
developing a problem because any urine that misses the toilet is soaked up
by the stone and they are becoming very smelly.  We're going to try
cleaning the stone with bleach and/or a natural enzyme product intended
for pet stains to see how that goes, but we would love to seal the floor
to help prevent this from being a consistent problem.  I have done some
online research and there seems to be much debate about sealing sandstone.
 Maybe wax is the answer for us? Or just regular linseed oil applications?
 I don't want to use anything that can contribute to a more rapid
deterioration of the stone.

Thanks for your help,

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