Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can Polished Black "Granite" be chemical free?

I am looking to have Adelaide Black (aka Austral Black) installed to my folks' kitchen renovation, and would like to be able to steer well clear of any sealers, impregnators, colourants etc, for reasons of keeping to the natural properties of the stone, and not having to use any chemicals on the kitchen surface. I plan to go with a polished finish, which i am hoping will be good enough to repel the usual kitchen spills of splashes of water, sauces, juice, wines, etc. Mom is fastidious and will be good at wiping things up pretty quickly. Could an expert kindly advise if this is feasible, i.e. to finish and maintain the stone with just a polish and no chemical finishers? i have included some information on the "granite" i'm planning to use. I would very much appreciate your feedback! CheersShei p.s I live in Australia, by the way, and am delighted to have found a local source of a black "granite", i'm hoping against hope that this stone is suitable! findstone2010-02-13 12:43:45

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