Friday, July 31, 2009

Please help, Must chose ASAP

We are a young family who had been saving for 8 years to buy our first home, which we did 4 years ago and now we have waited and saved 4 more years to be able to redo the kitchen, which is in very bad disrepair.
I LOVE the look of the granite countertops and would simply love to have some installed, But I'm very concerned as to the scratches, rings and stains I keep hearing about from friends and online.
Our chosen cupboards are a chocolate colored oak and our appliances are white so we had chosen a nice light colored granite to tie the dark brown and white together (Giallo Ornamental) But after reading about the types of stones used to make up the granites (especially the lighter colored granotes) I'm rather concerned.
I played with the unsealed sample I was given and both olive oil and lemon juice did quite a number on the granite, If it were to be sealed would that fix it so it would be impervious to these fluids?
Also do you think this color (Giallo Ornamental) is a wise choice for a family with young kids who will most certainly leave red juice rings on the counters and such?
If not, Is there another type of stone or color of granite you'd recommend instead?
We need to choose within the week...ack...
Thank you very much for your help!!

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