Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wanting to be a proud owner of granite countertop!

We just had "Sunny Gold" granite installed in our kitchen.  It is very pretty with all its movement but it has a section that has a spot about 10" round that looks very hazy and dull.  You can see a fine shiny line through the section which makes me feel like the haze is something under the sealer.  Almost like sealing over a fogged mirror.  The stone company that we purchased this from sent out one of their fabricators and he cleaned it with denatured alcohol and buffed over this spot with a form of wax that looked like a rock.  He also used steel wool.  The spot did get smaller.  It is about 4" now.  He buffed till his buffer was to hot to work with anymore.  He said it was the best that he could do.    The light from the window shines on it and it looks terrible.  I do not want to have to keep my blinds shut so my countertop can look good.  What can I do?  I should be a very happy woman but instead I am very troubled over this.

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