Sunday, April 25, 2010

absolute black and water stains

Hi all I have read through a lot of information but have yet to have my concern directly answered, so here goes.

I have a stone that is called absolute black and I read this site before buying it so I have heard all the posts about that name and the dying problems, lemons do not affect the surface at all so whatever it is it is very dense, but we are getting water spots around the sink area. If you do not wipe every bit of water up any amount of water will leave a spot. I did NOT seal this stone so it is not a sealer problem. What can do done to remove the water spots?   Someone said vinegar but that di nothing at all, the surface is shiny and still looks good but it bothers me to see the spots.

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floorman said...

spray surface with a neutral cleaner and use a new straight razar and carfully scrape it off.