Monday, April 19, 2010

Hones black Granite

Hello there: Love this website and forum. What an eye opener! Here's my issue: Just bought a house that has what I believe to be a honed black granite (it looks mostly like "Nero Black" (the look of it reminds me of the soapstone we used as kids in grammar school but with grey flecks embedded in the stone). So it had some discoloration in it (like a grey haze) and stains that didn't seem to be removed by typical means, so I thought I would use a enhancer & sealer product (I used the product made by "Stone Specific"). I applied as directed on the bottle at 10pm at night, but the next morning, it still looks like is sitting on top of the stone and was not absorbed into the stone. (Worse than that, it shows the wipe marks when I applied it. When I try to wipe it off, it then shows the wipe marks in the direction of my wiping). So my questions are: assuming this isn't the right product for my stone, how do I take the product off (I tried soap and water and seems to do a good job, except it's back to that dulled grayish haze)? Then, how do I properly finish the stone (and seal it if necessary)? I live in Westchester County, New York and would be happy to pay a professional to do this; however, by reading lots of posts on the site, it's clear that many of those who actually get paid to do this work don't have a clue. Thanks in advance for your help!!- Ed

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