Friday, April 16, 2010

Crack or fissure in Ubatuba?


We bought a new house with granite countertops. I am told the countertops are Ubatuba.

A month after move in, we noticed a 5 1/4" crack. It begins at the sink, and appears to run all the way through the granite. I've attached a picture.

The builder won't replace the slab. They came out to "repair" it once, and it made no difference. This picture you see is post-repair. They've offered to "repair" it again, but absolutely refuse to replace the slab.

As you might expect, their story is "it's a natural fissure." I think it is a stress fracture. The first repairman told us it looked like someone stood on the countertop.

Could I get any opinions on this? Should the builder replace the slab? Do this look like a natural fissure to you?

There's a slight chip on the edge, which you can feel.

Finally, can anyone recommend someone I could hire to write a report on this to submit to the builder, strengthening my case for replacing the slab?

We're extremely frustrated with the builder. Our plumber won't install a water filtration system until we resolve this. Installation involves drilling a hole, and he doesn't want to make the crack worse and get blamed for it. Understandable!

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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