Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black honed granite tile counter top in my kitchen

Hi there;
I'm desperately trying to find out what to do with my brand new Absolute 
It's less than 2 weeks
old, and already looks awful!  The installer told me to "clean it with
vinegar" when I asked him what he recommended......I did not follow his
advice, as I gather from all the info out there that vinegar could harm the
surface.  It's got scratches, abrasions, stains and streaks.  I don't think
our installer sealed it (although he says he did) or sealed it correctly.
What would you suggest we do, to take matters into our own hands now, to
repair it and make it look like the tile we picked out at the showroom?
I've thought of some kind of stripper, or maybe buffing it with an electric
buffer, or sanding it back???  The only product I've used on it didn't
work....I first cleaned it with AquaMix cleaner with Ultra Seal (bought at
Lowes) and then used the AquaMix Color Enhancing Sealer afterward.  It did
absolutely nothing.
Any help you can offer would be so greatly appreciated!

findstone2006-11-23 14:04:06

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