Wednesday, August 19, 2009

verde maritaka


I recently had a verde maritaka island installed. It has some pink blush coming across the sides and a few larger black spots more on one end of the slab. Overall it is a nice teal color with swirls of crystal grey and black and some crystal specks. (I'm getting used to some of the random black patches-not stains but actual black stone spots and lighter more on one end than the other as how the pattern runs). Anyway my questions are:

Is this a real granite? I also have a lot of pits and and few fissures that look like 1-2 inch surface cracks. One in particular encircles a crystal and has a fissure above and below it. The fabricator came and looked at it (only visible under certain light) and said that is the way the stone is-nothing he can done and nothing to worry about. Is this characteristic of verde maritaka or did I get struck with a commercial grade stone? Also is this type of stone ever resined? Why does commercial grade stone exist? Where is it used and other than appearance is it more prone to problems (things happening that you don't see upon inspection)?


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