Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crack vs Fissure

    We recently discovered what we and the builder thinks is a small crack forming in our impala black counter top. It imminates from an inside radius where the counter top turns at 45 degrees and extends into the counter top about 4 inches. Viewed from the edge it is obvious that it goes through the thickness of the granite slab. It can be felt with the fingernail at the edge and at least part of the way   The crack is hairliine but we are certain it was not there previously. There were no noticeable defects in this granite and were were quite pleased previously.

Although our builder agreed with us that it was a crack forming, the cabinet shop rep came out today and said that it may be a fissure that is now showing because the sealant is wearing off, and that is not covered by warranty. I do NOT believe this. She (cabinet company rep) has called someone from the Granite Company (I don't know if that's the real company name) to take a look at it Monday and repair if necessary. However, I believe that sales rep is trying to dodge the issue. So the questions:

1. What is the technical difference between fissure and crack?

2. What test can the lay person use to tell the difference?

3. What test criteria does the professional use to tell the difference.

4. What credentials will a qualified stone repair person have. Or what criteria can I use to judge whether this person is qualified to make the diagnosis and to repair the crack if that's what he determines it is.

5. If I'm not comfortable that this person is qualified to diagnose and repair, what recourse do I have? We live in a part of Virginia that has a very marginal pool of qualified trades people in many areas.

Thanks you for your professional opinions or personal experiences with this type of issue.


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