Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uneven slab height at seam.

We recently had granite counters installed in our kitchen. They are absolutely beautiful and we are very happy except for one small detail. At the seam where the two slabs meet, one is slightly higher than the other. It probably isn't any more than the thichness of a piece of paper in difference but if a wine glass or cup it slid over the seam you get a clunk.  Part of the seam near the back of the counter is even and has a very smooth feel.  The larger portion of it though is uneven and you can feel it with your hand. Originally it was a lot worse but they came in with a grinding and polishing tool and took it down some. Should I expect the granite slabs to be absolutely even in height at the seam or should I expect some variation? I know they have the tools to do it. I'm just wondering it it is expecting a lot to ask to have them come back and re do it?  The man doing the work made it sound as if I was lucky to even get that much done.  He said that many company's don't bother to try and even the seams out.  Thanks.

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