Friday, May 22, 2009

dirty looking travertine

I really need your help!  When I purchased my flooring I informed the dealer that I wanted a shiny finish to my floors.  When the travertine was first being installed I called the dealer and informed him that it did not shine.  He express that I was jumping the gun and that once the sealer was applied it would shine.  ( that was when about 10 sq ft were already installed)  Now, that all 1700 sq feet and THOUSANDS of dollars have been spent my floor looks dirty all the time.  It never shined.  It is blotchy.  The dealer has informed me that I choose a travertine wih a lot of fill therefore the stone and the fill accept the penetration differently.  Well, this doesn't help me!  I have 1700 sq ft of dirty looking travertine.  Can I fix this problem?  Please help me!

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