Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Opinion of granite in brick design

I am installing 870 Sq ft of Blue Volga Granite
in my living room area.  I want it installed
butt to butt so it looks closest to an even slab
without grout lines.
One installer told be he either has to use an 1/8 inch
grout joint if the tile is installed on a straight
design or
he has to install the tile on a brick pattern with no
grout joint, the reason is because the granite is
never manufactured perfectly in size, therefore the
grout lines would not be aligned perfectly, but if he
installs the granite on a brick design with no grout
joints the discrepancies will not be noticed.
What is your opinion.  aesthetically will it look
ok in a brick design or better to do straight design
with 1/8 grout?
Where can I see your response?
If butt to butt is not a good idea, can you explain.
My sister has butt to butt travertine which
looks beautiful.

Mille Grazie,

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