Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to remove the lacquer from a travertine floor?

Our contractor just installed 16x16 travertine stone throughout my entire downstairs.  ON HIS OWN, he decided to put a high gloss stone lacquer on the floor of the kitchen (thank GOD he didn't have time to ruin the entire rest of the floor!)  He didn't clean the tiles first, so he ended up lacquering over dust, debris, a drop of grout, and a dirty footprint.  Not only that, but you can see drips on the floor from the lacquer and near the stove the lacquer is so heavy that my floor looks like something sticky was smeared across the tiles.  My husband called DuPont, the maker of the lacquer, and they gave him the name of a product that is supposed to remove the lacquer.

He's been at it all morning and he doesn't notice a difference.  Is the removal process something that will take a little time, or do we need to consider having the contractor rip up the tiles and start over? 

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