Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to fill the chips on floor?

I have a honed travertine floor in my kitchen (newly installed and sealed).  While installing the appliances, the floor was chipped in several areas (dropping of tools, appliances, etc)  A few of the chips are small, (1/4 inch wide, 1/16 inch deep), a few are larger (1 inch wide, 1/8 inch deep).  The contractor filled one of the larger ones with the grout that was used when the floor was installed and it has shrunk and doesn't look nice.  the other chips have not been touched yet.  The contractor said there was some type of epoxy that he used on another project that worked great, but he can not locate the product anywhere. (he also doesn't know the name).  The flooring subcontractor said filling the chips with grout will not last very long.  Do you happen to have a solution for the large and small chips and if so PLEASE HELP, everybody's an expert before they get hired, nobody knows what to do about issues after they've been paid.


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